What type of material is used to make ODT products?

Most products are made out of biodegradable PLA plastic.

What is the Pocket Temper?

The Pocket Temper is a pocket sized dabbing thermometer with a medial grade sensor and user programmable alarm. 

How do you set the temperature alarm on the Pocket Temper:

Press the bottom button to go into the temperature selection screen. From there press the top or bottom button to go up or down until at the desired temperature. Once on the desired temperature, hold the bottom button for 1 second then release. The alarm is now set on that temperature.

How do you turn off the temperature alarm?

Hold both button for 1 second then release to turn off the temperature alarm.

How long does it take for order to ship?

3 to 5 business days. This is due to products mostly being made to order.

How do you clean ODT products?

With a cloth and a light solution or 91% ISO. Never use acetone or other chemicals.